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Since 1994, Renewable Northwest has been working to bring new generation to the next generation. The Northwest has a tradition of renewable energy development for inexpensive electric power. It's what drives our economy and sustains our quality of life.  But over the past several decades we have relied more heavily on polluting coal and natural gas. Now is the time, for the sake of our economy and the environment, to invest in the next generation of renewable resources to secure a clean energy future for our children.

Our Mission

Renewable Northwest’s mission is to promote the expansion of environmentally responsible renewable energy resources in the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.)

Our Vision

Renewable Northwest's vision is to make new, clean energy a reality. Our economy depends on it. Our climate and quality of life rely upon it. Join us!
Imagine our region powered almost entirely by clean, renewable energy. Sound impossible? Or does it sound familiar?
The Northwest used to rely almost exclusively on non-polluting hydropower for our electricity needs. It was clean and inexpensive, and it created thousands of jobs. But that reality has eroded away over time as energy development shifted to "cheap" dirty coal and natural gas to fulfill growing demand. But burning fossil fuel isn't so cheap if you factor in all the environmental damage, and sending dollars out of local communities to pay for fuel is draining our economy.
We can change this direction and retain our legacy of clean, renewable power.  The region is blessed with an incredible array of resources -- wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and wave energy.  All that is lacking is the will and determination to make the change.
That is our focus, to make an era of new generation for the next generation a reality. Our economy demands it. Our quality of life relies on it. Are you with us?
Video - Energy Imbalance Market

It is time for the Northwest to modernize its electricity system and create an Energy Imbalance Market.

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Video - $5.4 Billion Renewable Energy Investment in Oregon Economy

Renewable energy companies have invested $5.4 billion dollars in Oregon.
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